The Zoom Boom

We’ve all been dealing with the pandemic for many months now, and I must share that I’ve never before felt so grateful for technology!

For most of us, the “Zoom Boom” has given us exactly what we needed to navigate the challenges posed by Covid-19 - from offering a place for family reunion calls to giving us what we need to fulfill our daily responsibilities at work.  Here at Goldstein & Goldstein, we quickly got on board with the Zoom platform as soon as we realized we’d be “sheltering-in-place” for some time. The user-friendly technology allowed us to continue our work without any interruptions. While it may have been inconceivable to me a year ago that my calendar would be full of teleconference appointments, I must say that I enthusiastically look forward to each of these meetings now. The video conferencing capability has provided us with an opportunity to creatively continue our work, and perhaps more importantly, to feel connected to people during this era of social distancing. Now that restrictions have been lifted somewhat, some are feeling more comfortable meeting in person (with masks and at a distance of 6 feet apart) - but we continue to do most of our work with clients online, and it’s been great. From consultations and depositions to follow-ups and Court conferences, we find that the Zoom experience is convenient, effective, and well-suited to the needs of our clients and colleagues. Most importantly, it’s keeping everyone safe!  We are available to our clients in any format that is safe and comfortable for them! Be well, friends! Lindsey M. Goldstein, Esq. Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP Attorneys and Counselors at Law 845.473.5100


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