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What to consider when choosing a nursing home

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2022 | Nursing Home Abuse |

A skilled nursing facility provides a range of personal care and health service for both short- and long-term situations.

There are some facilities with expanded service options that include a variety of therapies, social activities and other rehabilitation services. Choosing the right facility depends on the intended length of stay.

1. Consider if it is a long or short-term care decision

Individuals with health conditions progressively growing worse may use a nursing home to provide continuous supervision and the medical care necessary to remain comfortable. Long-term care needs may lead you to choose a facility with a close working relationship with a nearby hospital or with specialty services for dementia or other degenerative conditions. A short-term stay for rehabilitation after a hospital stay may not need these services.

2. Consider location

For a loved one, visitation with friends and family is important when confined to a nursing home. Keep this in mind when narrowing down options for a care facility. Close proximity to family, doctors and a hospital is ideal.

3. Consider the reputation

Talk to people who know about the facilities in the area. Tour the facility and look at online reviews. Healthcare providers and hospital staff are great sources of information concerning nursing homes and what to look for.

4. Consider the details

Ask a lot of questions when you tour a facility. Ask about staff-to-patient ratios, incident or accident rates, the facility’s Medicare and Medicaid certification and the experience of the staff. Look at the interaction between individuals, the maintenance of the building and the condition of the equipment and facilities.

Moving your loved one to a nursing home is not easy. Having confidence in the facility makes the transition go more smoothly.