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How has the pandemic changed nursing homes?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Nursing Home Abuse |

Entrusting your loved one into the care of a nursing home is never an easy choice. While you may know they need more care than you can provide, it can be challenging to trust strangers to give your family member the care they need.

Over the last couple of years, nursing homes have faced significant challenges. With a population particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, staffing challenges and loved ones who wanted to visit, nursing homes found themselves trying to make many adjustments quickly.

Here are some ways that nursing home care has changed since the pandemic.

A new kind of preparedness

Care facilities often need to be ready for a variety of scenarios. However, when people were getting sick with COVID, it required staff to shift how they handled an illness in the nursing home.

Staff needed to find ways to isolate those with COVID to prevent others from getting ill. However, this often meant long, lonely hours for many patients since staffing was spread thin.

Nursing homes needed to shift some care models and staffing allowances to ensure people got the needed care. For some homes, it meant paying fines because it was cheaper than hiring more staff, or there were simply no candidates available.

Sacrificing cleanliness

When there are plenty of nursing home residents and insufficient staff, it can be difficult to follow all health safety procedures. During the height of the pandemic, nursing homes were also running low on many essential items that could keep residents and staff clean and healthy.

Staffing is still a challenge

While the number of COVID cases has dwindled over the last two years, the staffing challenges remain the same. Nursing home staff have been notoriously underpaid and overworked, and the pandemic seemed to exaggerate the problem.

Looking for a nursing home for your loved one can be challenging. It is essential to be aware of the warning signs that your loved one is not receiving the care they need.

If you suspect your friend or family member is being neglected or abused, it is important to talk to a skilled professional.