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Best practices for mitigating road rage

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Aggressive driving increases the possibility of a roadside accident. Even minor fender benders cost money and are a headache to resolve.

Reducing the odds of getting into a wreck because of road rage is a noble aspiration. Using the right driving behaviors helps make this a reality.


The way you drive can cause others to react in dangerous ways. Obeying the rules of the highway helps everyone focus on safety. As you switch lanes, use your blinker. Be courteous and never cut someone off when merging. If you are in the left lane and the vehicle behind you wants to pass, allow it to happen. Move to the right, even if you are observing the speed limit. These practices can prevent a frightening incident.

No matter what happens, refrain from rude gestures. There is no need to risk angering a fellow commuter.


If another driver begins spewing vitriol, stay calm. Actively engaging might amplify the situation. Deescalate by driving away from the individual. Never pull over in an attempt to resolve the disagreement face-to-face. Instead, contact the police. Always use a hands-free phone when calling while in motion.


Remember that there is no winning a conflict with an irrational person. When blood pressure begins rising, play soothing music and calm yourself down. Use deep breathing to feel more Zen.

Practice empathy. The raging driver is only human, just like you. Everyone has bad days. One never knows what someone is going through.

Calm driving is an essential ingredient to avoiding motorized mishaps. Let these suggestions guide you to a safer travel experience.