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Summer Fun And Safety

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Summer Fun and Safety

This is a very different kind of Hudson Valley summer, but opportunities still abound to build fun memories – and I hope that each of you are finding your way to some of that summer fun!

Although fun is the focus this time of year, I have to admit that as a personal injury attorney – and perhaps more so as a Mom of two little ones – I tend to be the “safety patrol” among my circles! While the “now more than ever” phrase has become cliche, it’s true that this year has brought a different level of collective vigilance. As a society, we are paying much closer attention to protecting the health of ourselves and our loved ones – whether by wearing masks or being more diligent about hand-washing – and it has a positive impact on people we’ll never meet as well.

While we cannot take our eyes off of the ball when it comes to pandemic safety measures, we also need to remember all safety precautions we’ve long made a priority. I have seen many personal injury cases resulting from someone not paying attention or simple carelessness – needless and painful situations due to dangerous conditions not taken care of before the summer BBQ, failures to maintain the places where people head for summer activities, distractions behind the wheel and not watching out for our cyclists and motorcyclists.

I certainly don’t want anyone to live in fear, but I do want to encourage everyone to remember that simple steps can protect our well-being for years to come. Start with masks and hand sanitizer – but don’t overlook some of the other things we can all do to help keep each other safe.

In the meantime, may you embrace the many ways that you can create fun memories – yes, even amidst a global pandemic.

Be well, friends!

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