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The Impact Of A Public Health Crisis On Self Care

On Behalf of | May 13, 2020 | Firm News |

The Impact of a Public Health Crisis on Self-Care

Never in my life did I imagine enduring the kind of public health crisis that we’ve experienced in recent months – nor did I ever think something like this could end up being so eye-opening.

The shelter-in-place experience, created to protect our health, has actually helped transform our health.

We enjoy more quality time as a family, making us feel more connected at a time when we’re physically distanced from so many people we love. Without the hustle and bustle of having to be 50 places every day, I’ve managed to get more sleep, actually sit down and eat breakfast, play with my kids more, and maybe get a project or two done on the weekends!  I haven’t actually been given more time in my day, but the slower pace of the day has opened up opportunities to do things that I often overlooked in my former pre-COVID life.  On the flip side, there are many items added to the “To-do” list that weren’t there before.  But in terms of the outside world, the pandemic has officially wiped my schedule clean.  So what now?

As a husband-wife team now needing all hands on deck both at work and at home, we’ve had to create a structure that works for our entire family. We’ve realized that there’s comfort in routine – that it helps create a feeling of “normalcy” in challenging times, not only for us but for our young boys. It’s a balancing act for sure – who’s going to focus on work, and who’s watching the kids right now? Who’s going to do the grocery shopping this week? When can I carve out time for exercise? We both need to be at our best – for our kids, our clients, and ourselves – and developing a schedule that honors our individual and family needs is KEY to good health!

I hope we carry all of these self-care lessons with us well beyond this public health crisis, for years to come – and I hope that all of you have discovered what makes YOU feel at your best too.

Be well,

Lindsey M. Goldstein, Esq.

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