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So What Happens Now

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So What Happens Now?

Without question, these are unprecedented and challenging times; I truly hope that this finds you safe and in good health.

I know personally that when we had to close the physical office of Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP back in March, I never imagined it would be for this long! After much regrouping, the office and staff here have started to master the art of working remotely and staying connected, as we all stay “alone, together.”

Teleconferencing has been a gift, giving us what we need to take care of our clients without interruption. Meetings with judges are still taking place, as are depositions, mediations, client meetings, court conferences, and our collaborations with other attorneys.

Because of the shift to meeting online with people, we’ve also enjoyed an opportunity to get a peek into the home lives of those with whom we work! Seeing a fellow attorney’s puppy jump up on her lap, hearing the cries and giggles of children in the background of a video conference, and getting tours of colleagues’ homes when we break during remote depositions – these moments of personal exchange have been great, helping us remember that we share a universal human desire to connect with others, and that we’re in it together.

And we really ARE all in this together.

So if you need legal services right now, we are open and here for you; just get in touch.

Be well,

Lindsey M. Goldstein, Esq.

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