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Young Attorney Rediscovers Hudson Valley Previously Published in the Poughkeepsie Journal

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Young Attorney Rediscovers Hudson Valley (Previously Published in the Poughkeepsie Journal)

Jan 6

Lindsey Goldstein

Many believe that if you live near an estuary, which flows in both directions, you might come and go over the years, but you will always return home.

As a Dutchess County native who grew up not far from the Hudson River, a well-known estuary, I am really grateful to have come home to practice law and build my life here. Not only have I discovered just how special this area is, but I get to enjoy working with my dad every day as a partner in our firm, Goldstein & Goldstein, LLP. It is amazing how things come full circle in life; I didn’t intend to come back to Poughkeepsie after high school graduation — and now I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

Reflecting back on my childhood, my dad inspired me. He served on a number of local boards, was an active community leader and was completely present to our family life as he built his career in law. He took me to his office, to court and to his volunteer activities. Everywhere we went, people knew him. I vividly recall walking through the Main Mall of Poughkeepsie as a kid and seeing the look of recognition on the faces of people around us as my dad walked by. They would then run up to say hello to him and thank him for work he did on their behalf. It was so clear to me that he was making a tremendous impact on the lives of his clients, neighbors and colleagues. I began to feel a strong pull toward a career in law, hoping to emulate his professional success, but had a different direction in mind — I wanted to practice law internationally.

During college, I embraced an opportunity to study in France for a year, hoping to pave the way for the international career I had been envisioning. France is beautiful, of course, and I was so grateful to be there.

However, on Sept. 11, 2001, when I was in a completely different time zone, and an entire ocean away from everything familiar, my perspective changed. Not only was the day terrifying, just as it was for everyone around the world, but I felt so disconnected from the national mourning that was taking place in my home country, and so very far away from the people I loved. I knew on that day that I didn’t need or want an international backdrop; I realized that everything important to me was in the United States.

Upon graduating from law school, I took a job in Philadelphia to work for a man who had built a successful firm that he had hoped to hand down to his children. Disappointed to learn that his children didn’t want to follow his lead, he encouraged me to consider returning to Dutchess County to work with my dad, noting how special it could be to be a part of a family practice, and how lucky my dad and I were that we shared the experience of being lawyers. I knew he was right, and returned home at age 28, about 11 years after first leaving.

As soon as I got back home, I quickly got involved in everything — Junior League, service work, the Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Committee, and so much more. My husband, Robert Clements, and I discovered the boundless recreational opportunities of our area, and began biking, hiking and running regularly. We purchased an old home in the Town of Poughkeepsie, which has the same kind of history and character that makes everything about living and working here unique. We love living here.

And every day, I get the very unique experience of being part of a father-daughter legal team, working on behalf of clients on personal injury, accident and medical malpractice cases alongside the man who inspired me right from the beginning. To this day, I smile every time I meet someone who says, “Lindsey, yes — you are Paul’s daughter — what a pleasure to meet you. He made all the difference for me.”

Young Professional is a first-person column written by those who are 45 and younger, and are making a go of it in the local business scene. If you would like to write for this feature, email Community Content Editor Barbara Gallo Farrell [email protected] and include “Young Professional” in the subject line.

Young Professional

Lindsey M. Goldstein, Esq.

Age: 34

Title: Attorney and partner, Goldstein and Goldstein, LLP

Education: Rutgers School of Law-Camden, Camden, New Jersey, Juris Doctor, 2007; Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, bachelor’s of arts, major in economics, major in International Relations, 2003; Arlington High School graduate.

Professional designations/awards: Admitted to the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Bars, and the U.S. District Courts of New Jersey and Southern District of New York. Former law clerk in the New Jersey Superior Court, Camden County. Winner of the Don F. D’Agui, Esquire Memorial Award.

Residence: Town of Poughkeepsie

Community affiliations: President of the Mid-Hudson Women’s Bar Association, Junior League of Poughkeepsie as part of the Membership Council, board member Mid-Hudson Addiction Recovery Center, foundation board member American Cancer Society, Birthday Bash Advisory Committee, 2010-2011